You need to collaborate and listen. Oppositelock is not an off-topic forum because there is only one forum. You may create an off-topic forum if you like simply by replacing the oppositelock in the URL with whatever you wish. Brian1321 Fan Club, anime, personallife, anything. Oppositelock was known as off-topic waaaay back when, it is now the only means of communication we have outside the front page. The people you claim to miss and want to come back etc etc all left because this shit got way too weird way too quick.


Theme days - If every day is a theme day then it looses its novelty. keep oppo weird, music themes, certain cars, all cool just town it down a bit.

Personal issues - Listen, who am I to tell you to keep your personal shit to yourselves? I'm Brian1321, thats who, but I wont say that. If you need help with stuff there are people here to help. But if all you post are long requests for the answers to life and complain about things, you need to seek actual help. The internet is cool and all, but were the internet.


Using Spiegel as justification - I love Spiegel, if he was a real person I would take him to a nice seafood dinner and have my way with him. Spiegel is not an ideal, he is not a justification to post random images every 30 seconds. Spiegel was the exception not the rule. He was almost banned multiple times, no one understood his humor, and he was disliked. But then people got to know him and it was ok, but there was ONLY spiegel. If every one becomes Spiegel then he is no longer the weird guy who shouted pokemon laced obscenities, he becomes the punchline of the joke that has become oppositelock.

I like it here. When I first came here I had limited practical knowledge of cars, only a love of their design. I learned how to change brakes, and I got a metric ton of useful information from the guys/girls that posted here. They're all gone now, to Google+, and they don't like it that much but they are NOT coming back here. "It's way too different now." "It's no longer about cars." "If I had a dollar for every weird random post I'd have like $700."


Yes, times change, people move on, etc.. But things are supposed to evolve over time, not devolve. Oppositelock has gone from a place where people who love cars can gather and share information, stories, pictures and video of cars and car culture. It's now a place for random people to post anime, ask for girl advice, post memes and image macros. Oppositelock is not /b/ oppositelock is Oppositelock, the general forum for people "Obsessed with the Cult of Cars." If you really want it to be like /b/ then go to /b/, it already exists. This is not an attack, this is a public service announcement from an old man (23 yrs old). If you think I need to move on and deal with it, so be it. I just wanted to say my peace before I ride off into the sunset.

Plug - (this bothers people. lol)

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