I have a shitty blog that I use to write about things. Things with humor and wit, or as my mom calls it "drunken nonsense." I am bored and have nothing to do, SO, want me to write something for you? Write your craigslist ad? Obituary? Memorial? Birthday card? Reply with a suggestion for something you'd like to see and

Kelly Kapowski is still hot. This is not in a reply because Im forcing people to post if they want t clear it.

This is cool and all, but I want a Samuel L Jackson skin and everyone else is a giant fucking shark

"This shapes up to be the hardest-hitting Super Bowl ever. Here come two teams who pride themselves on imposing steel wills on foes. So it's all-too-possible gifted warriors will battle their guts out for nearly 60 minutes … only to watch a player who doesn't actually play football trot onto the field and decide the


Toyota is recalling 752,000 Corolla and Matrix models and another 270,000 Lexus IS sedans in the U.S., the company said Wednesday morning.