True Lolmance: Tattooed and Totally Together

Poor Romeo, he never knew love. He worked as a stock runner at Pep Boys, browsing Cobalt owners forums; his only source of outside human contact. He was so enamored with the forum, he would do anything for them to accept him as one of their own but had come up empty in his futile attempts. He wrote long winded parodies about racing, wrote a treatise on a faulty former car of his, he even tried to make a meme. All for naught, until the day he stumbled across the "because racecar" meme. In a fit of passion he had it tattooed across his chest, just below his tribute to New Hampshire, and posted it on the forums. Not a single fuck was given that day, unless by fuck you mean insult and if thats the case there were SO MANY fucks given. Romeo was driven to madness. He spent his time hiding in the stock room, waiting for the day he could be saved from himself.

Until the day a young woman walked into his Pep Boys looking for an aftermarket intake. Romeo walked up to her and handed her the intake. As she reached for it, he noticed something strange, "SENNA" tattooed across her knuckles. He was smitten, he finally found someone equally crazy as he was.

to be continued...